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LABCAT is a suite of separate but integrated software modules designed for the collection, analysis and reporting of data during the pre-clinical phases of pharmaceutical, agrochemical, and biotech product development. Our software has been in use for over two decades, successfully automating laboratories worldwide. Currently available LABCAT software modules include:

Version 8.0:

  • In-Life

  • The In-Life module is the premier in vivo phase data collection, study management, data analysis and reporting system for pre-clinical investigations.

  • Tumor Measurement and Tracking

  • The Tumor Measurement and Tracking module is leading edge software for collecting and analyzing pre-clinical oncology data. This module allows direct data collection from any electronic device including balances, calipers, chip scanners, etc. This module also provides user-friendly analysis, graphing, imaging and reporting functions.

  • Clinical Pathology

  • Clinical Pathology interfaces with clinical chemistry, hematology and urinalysis analyzers to simplify the data collection process and also provides reports and analysis from the data collected

  • Necropsy

  • Necropsy allows multiple users to automate the gross observation data collection process for enhanced data tracking, data correlating, data analysis and reporting

  • Pathology

  • Pathology enables pathologists to record, tabulate and analyze data relating to microscopic observations with slide images of tissues, to establish correlations with gross and observations and also peer review

  • Report Manager Utility

  • The report manager utility offers users the ability to view, print and export data for all installed LABCAT modules for a single study or cross-study reporting. Users can also perform ad-hoc queries, advanced graphing and statistical analysis


Improve efficiencies
Automated data collection from either manual or electronic devices

21 CFR Part 58 (GLP)
21 CFR Part 11 (Electronic Records & Electronic Signatures)

Secure interactions
Administrative access and multiple audit trail options

Comprehensive tracking
Visibility to track all data and identify relevant information

Comprehensive analytics
Ability to run several standard statistical analysis on data and data sub-sets, real time graphing

Robust reporting utility
Ad-Hoc queries, interfaces with Prism®, Spotfire®, SigmaPlot® and contains graphing feature

Exporting Capabilities
Various standard formats such as PDF®, Word®, Excel®, ODBC, XML and many more

Our flexible Randomization Functionality is integrated into most modules to enable assignment of pre-treatment animals to dose groups by random selection, body weight, tumor size or other user-specified clinical pathology parameter. See System Requirements for operating system and hardware components needed to run LABCAT software.

Our team of solution experts are always available to answer your questions and provide additional details.  Contact us to receive more information.

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