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Randomization Functionality

LABCAT Randomization extends the functionality of In-Life Data Collection and other LABCAT software modules to enable automatic assignment of a pre-treatment pool of animals to dose groups. Note that this functionality is not a stand-alone program; it must be used in conjunction with other LABCAT modules.

The Randomization Functionality allows:

  • Assignment of animals to dose groups by Random Selection, Uniform distribution of body weights, User-specified clinical pathology test parameters
  • Selection or exclusion of animals for randomization
  • Repetition at will or as needed to generate acceptable animal groupings
  • Straight randomization or randomization by stratification


  • Correlation of pre-randomization (pre-study) IDs to permanent IDs
  • Dose Group assignments
  • IDs of animals included in and excluded from a randomization
  • ANOVA for statistical analysis of randomization

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