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The LABCAT module for Pathology enables pathologists to record, tabulate and analyze data relating to microscopic observations, and to establish correlations with gross observations found at necropsy.  (Product Brief)

Software Details

  • Simple correlation of gross-to-micro observations
  • Completeness check from microscopic entry screen
  • Flexible work flow -  allows data entry by tissue or by animal
  • User-defined lists allow resorting of tissues
  • Tracking of data for both protocol and non-protocol tissues
  • Image management capabilities
  • Resource management control
  • Task and sub-task capabilities
  • Interfaces with the LABCAT In-Life, Clinical Pathology, and Necropsy modules


Numerous predefined reports include Protocol, Tabulated Animal Data, Tumor Incidence Data, Individual Fate Data, Gross/Micro Correlation, Z Analysis for PETO, List of Tissues not Examined, and Summary of Findings by Animal. User reporting options include:

  • Reports can be easily exported in a variety of files and formats including: MSWord, MSExcel, ASCII, CSV, PDF, HTML, XML, Lotus1-2-3, Text and several others...
  • Reports may be customized using Crystal Reports®

Study Support

This module can accommodate single or both-sex studies with:

  • Unlimited dose groups per sex
  • Unlimited animals per dose group
  • Unlimited animals per sex
  • Unlimited protocol or non-protocol tissues per animal
  • Unlimited findings per tissue

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