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The LABCAT module for Necropsy allows for robust tracking and reporting capabilities.  (Product Brief)

Software Details

The LABCAT module for Necropsy enables users to:

  • Record gross observations at necropsy
  • Collect and analyze organ weight data automatically via top-loading or analytical balances as well as automatically record size via electronic calipers
  • Link data for related or paired organs
  • Resource management control
  • Task and sub-task capabilities
  • Interfaces with the LABCAT In-Life, Clinical Pathology, and Pathology modules


This module includes numerous predefined reports in categories such as Protocol, Animal and Necropsy Information, Individual or Summary Organ Weights, Brain and Body Weight Percentages, Gross Findings, etc.   Reporting options include:

  • Individual subject reporting
  • Dose group summary reporting
  • Reports can be easily exported in a variety of files and formats including: MSWord, MSExcel, ASCII, CSV, PDF, HTML, XML, Lotus1-2-3, Text and several others...
  • Reports may be customized using Crystal Reports®

Study Support

This module can accommodate single or both-sex studies with:

  • Unlimited organs per subject
  • Unlimited dose groups per sex
  • Unlimited subjects per dose group
  • Unlimited subjects per sex

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