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The LABCAT module for In-Life Data Collection and Reporting is the premier data collection and management system for the in-life phase of pre-clinical investigations. (Product Brief)

Software Features

  • Operates in a stand-alone or networked environment, utilizing a Microsoft SQL Server database
  • User-friendly design allows for data entry via point & click, hot keys or hands-free data entry via optional foot pedal
  • Protocol driven, with user-defined dictionaries and tasks (i.e., body weights, food and liquid consumptions, test articles, blood samples, cage cleaning, etc.)
  • Test article dose calculations can be based on fixed amount, body weights or group average body weights
  • Interfaces with balances, implant readers (e.g., Avid, Biomedic) and other devices capable of capturing and transmitting numeric data directly to the computer or via wireless transmission
  • Automatic randomization performs group assignments based on body weight, food and liquid consumption or any numeric value and/or user-defined formula
  • Resource management control and completeness checks
  • GLP-compliant audit trails and 21 CFR Part 11 compliance as well as administrator-defined security access
  • Access through the internet
  • Interfaces with the entire LABCAT suite of software modules: Clinical Pathology, Necropsy, Pathology and Tumor Measurement and Tracking. Additional ad hoc reporting and graphing capabilities available using the LABCAT Report Manager Utility.


  • All LABCAT software modules include standardized reports complete with statistical analysis such as: descriptive statistics, Duncan's, Dunnett's, Kruskal-Wallis, Mann-Whitney, Newman Keuls, Scheffe's t-test, Tukey test, Kaplan-Meier, etc.
  • Software includes graphical data plots with additional statistical analysis
  • Seamless interface to MS Excel, Spotfire, Prism, SigmaPlot, etc. for sophisticated data mining and graphing capability
  • Easily exportable in many different formats (e.g., ASCII, MS Word, MS Excel, CSV RPT, DIF, XLS, HTML, ODBC, report definition, RTF, text and XML)
  • Reports can be emailed as attachments directly from within LABCAT.

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