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Clinical Pathology

The LABCAT module for Clinical Pathology evaluates and reports data collected directly from clinical chemistry, hematology and urinalysis analyzers. (Product Brief)

Software Details

  • Morphology and differential data
  • Assignment of accession numbers
  • User-defined data types and descriptions
  • User-defined dictionary of observations
  • Data entry from a large selection of analyzers, as well as via keyboard/mouse
  • Resource management control
  • Task and sub-task capabilities
  • Interfaces with the LABCAT In-Life, Necropsy, and Pathology modules


Predefined reports include Protocol, Test Directory, Differential Data, Regression Analysis, Individual and Summary Animal Data, Graph of Test Values, Morphology Observations, and Audit Trail Summary, among others. User reporting options include:

  • Reports can be easily exported in a variety of files and formats including: MSWord, MSExcel, ASCII, CSV, PDF, HTML, XML, Lotus1-2-3, Text and several others...
  • Reports may be customized using Crystal Reports®

Study Support

This module accommodates single or both-sex studies with:

  • Unlimited dose groups per sex
  • Unlimited animals per dose group
  • Unlimited morphology codes
  • Unlimited user-defined tests
  • Unlimited differential cell types for red cells
  • Unlimited differential cell types for white cells

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